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Who we are

We are four teachers of Yoga that have collaborated and practiced together for a long time. Each one of us is coming from with a different discipline of practice. We joined forces and build Yoga Bandha Teacher Training School in order to provide a multi-faceted approach to Yoga and teaching. Our vision is to help students create a solid and well-rounded foundation of study while being exposed to different ways of approaching the practice of Yoga. With us you will aquire the skills and the critical thinking to advance on your own path and create your personal way of teaching rooted on a firm groundwork.

Upcoming Teacher Training in Amorgos, Cyclades

200HR, 2-24 Sep 2023

Our Trainings

During your studies at Bandha Teacher Training School you will be introduced to a variety of methods. You will delve into everyday asana practice, study yogic philosophy, explore asana alignment, understand the practicalities of sequencing, discover the importance of breath and pranayama and experience the merits of daily meditation.

Each student will receive a Yoga Manual upon arrival that will help them to navigate them through their study with us. Bandha Teacher Training School is designed to deepen your personal practice and define your unique value as a teacher. Diverse subjects are progressively interwoven during the course of the program encouraging you to feel how the elements of Yoga come together to support the practitioner and form an integrated whole.

The course is intensive and we do expect our students to be committed wholeheartedly to receive the most from the teachings. We also understand that the intensity can be overwhelming, and we encourage our students to take plenty of rest when they can.

By immersing in the experience of Bandha Teacher Training School you will be going through a deep transformative experience. We offer our guidance to help you through this beautiful process.

Bandha Teacher Training School is there to support you not only during your study with us but also in every part of the journey of your teaching life. We are creating an international network of Yoga Teachers, facilitating trainings throughtout the year in different places of the planet. Once part of our Teacher community you are welcome to join us again and again tuition-fee free.

A few words from our students

With a warm and compassionate heart , a disciplined mind and rich and efficient sequences due to long term teaching and self practice, Spiros always cultivates a safe and encouraging atmosphere in his class. He takes note of the different levels of each student and ensure every one get the most benefits from his class, feel both nourished and empowered. Highly recommended Spiros as an very experienced teacher, a seasoned practitioner and a wonderful human being.

Lilyxiaoqing Zhang

I feel lucky and privileged to have steadily practiced with Spyros Tarifas the past 8 years. He is an amazing teacher who knows how to seamlessly blend guidance, tranquility and balance in every lesson.
If he puts so much time and energy to prepare every session I can easily imagine the high level of his yoga teaching retreat…
An unforgettable experience not to be missed !!!

Eleana Kyrkili

Marialena is an absolutely wonderful yoga instructor! She communicates very well and makes you feel very comfortable during her class. She has expert knowledge of body movement, various tips & techniques to improve flexibility & her attention to detail make for a great instructor! She uses her knowledge to help her students correct & improve techniques and she also is able to create individual plans to to help you achieve your goals throughout each session. Her classes are extremely enjoyable! If you have the opportunity do not hesitate to join a class with her! Book a session with her! You won’t regret it!

Georgia Vandoros Crawford

The whole experience was amazing altogether! The teacher training course was well organized and covered a large field of knowledge, necessary for our new beginning.
Theo in particular was a great teacher. He taught and explained everything in such a detail that we understood every part of the mater. Caring, compassionate and patient, he was beside every student all along the way.
I would totally recommend to learn and practice with him!

Rachel Sebastian

Our Teachers

Spiros Tarifas
Marialena Alexiou
Polyxeni Aklidi
Theodore Famelis